Explosive Skateboarding - VFX Short

A series of skateboarding VFX shots I did as a personal project.

Skateboarding Footage Courtesy of Charles Chaves, from his short film "Chaos" for Be Skateboarding Mag. Used under the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication.
My Roles:
-Sound Design

Tools used: 
Cinema 4D, Octane Render, After Effects, Photoshop, & Illustrator

If you are interested in creating a similar piece of animated content, please reach out to Neil via the contact page.

America's Got Talent - GFX Package
Subconscious Assembly - 2017 Design Week Portland Short
Verizon Holiday Sale - Commercial
"Get Animated" - Arizona Science Center GFX
Seattle Storm - 2017 Team Open GFX
To Tell The Truth - Show Open
American Truck Restoration - Title GFX
Cedric's Barber Battles - Show Open
We Are Young - Show Open
TMZ - Animated Bumpers
Going Up?