Global Formula Racing 2017
"Get Animated" - Arizona Science Center GFX
Seattle Storm - 2017 Team Open GFX
Subconscious Assembly - 2017 Design Week Portland Short
Portland Trail Blazers - 2016-17 Season GFX
Explosive Skateboarding - VFX Short
Airplane Repo - Title and In-Show GFX Reel
Amazon Prime - Box Characters
Pyramid Brewing - 1977 Champs Lager Commercial VFX
TMZ - Animated Bumpers
America's Got Talent - GFX Package
Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris - Show GFX
The Bachelorette - Main Title Animation
To Tell The Truth - Show Open
The Ultimate Fighter 21 - Title GFX
Verizon Holiday Sale - Commercial
Cedric's Barber Battles - Show Open
American Chopper Shaq Bike - Show Title
Answered Prayers - Show Open
Bar Rescue - Explainer GFX
36 Hours - Show Open
American Truck Restoration - Title GFX
Ax Men - Explainer GFX
We Are Young - Show Open
Dating In Disguise - Title GFX
Global Formula Racing - Explainer GFX
"Acapella" – Karmin Music Video – VFX Breakdown
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