About Neil

 Neil is a multidisciplinary 3D motion graphics artist, currently based out of Portland, OR. 
With over 10 years of experience creating motion graphics & visual effects for both Film & Broadcast, Neil's goal is to provide you with exceptional visuals that fit the needs of your project. 
Neil's philosophy is to design & animate visuals in a way that not only tells your story, but also engages with your audience on an emotional level when they see the final product.
Computer generated imagery opens the door to limitless possibilities for creative solutions that are hard to achieve in any other way. Covering everything from concepting & storyboarding, to animation & compositing, Neil will see your project through to the final render.
If you are interested in any of Neil's past work or just want something similar, please give him a call directly at: (971)-266-0295 or send him a message via the contact form below:
Thank you!
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