This is a Public Service Announcement I created on Hunger in America. 
Participant Media in partnership with the Loyola Marymount University School of FIlm and Television offered a $2,000 production grant to a winning two-minute script as part of the “End Hunger in America – PSA Contest”. This script was selected as one of two winners and was funded to be created. 

Story By:
Neil Hilken, Thomas Ireton & Anthony Martin

Written By:
Alyssa Bellia and Thomas Ireton

Directed By:
Neil Hilken & Thomas Ireton

Produced By:
Thomas Ireton

Edited By:
Neil Hilken 

Leaire George and Asha Maxey

Director of Photography:

1st AC:
Ik-Tong Ryo

Production Designer:
Ann Conner

Josh Bartell

Cameron Tagge

Chatori Shimizu


All individuals involved with this project

If you are interested in creating a similar piece of animated content, please reach out to Neil via the contact page.

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