I had the opportunity to work on several explainer graphics for the show "Ax Men" while at Fish Eggs motion graphics design studio. I assisted with creating an animatic of this explainer graphic for previs purposes(you can see that below)as well as modeling the 3D logging truck and developing the 3D landscape.

My Roles:
-3D Modeling
-Previsualization Animation

                   Creative Director                    Lead 3D Artist                          Producer
                         Chris Roe                           Jake Martinez                          TJ Welch
Previs Animatic
Below is the previs animatic I helped set up for this explainer graphic. This is what the client was first shown to get an idea of the scene's layout and movement. We went through several rounds of feedback and revisions before we received approval to build out the 3D scene.

If you are interested in creating a similar piece of animated content, please reach out to Neil via the contact page.

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